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LaTurbo Avedon introduces this collection of Materia, unique blockchain-integrated virtual artifacts that are capable of influencing the aesthetics, forms, and future of the work's overarching system. As it is expanded and transformed by participants over time, new materia will be revealed and offered for collection.

"Born Without Stars" begins this process with twelve unique pieces, transformations of the celestial zodiac into aesthetic and symbolic virtual vessels.


The System begins with [CELESTIAL] - placed into the socket of the first Font. Twelve materia are drawn forward from this placement - blazons once bound to the heavens of a physical plane. Here, born without stars, they fill with new light and purpose. Twelve houses begin again.


How do I acquire materia?

Materia will be offered during unique events within the System. Given the temporal nature of the work, all materia is indexed using Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.

Are materia released in editions?

No. Each materia is unique (1/1+AP) and will not be reproduced.


How do I use materia?

Collectors will be notified of events within the System, where their materia can be "socketed" into the larger System. These auction-formatted windows use low-reserve values for materia holders to compete for placement. Collectors retain their materia when socketed.

Outside of the System, collectors are encouraged to display and adorn their environments with the materia they collect.

What is a Font?

In the System, a Font is a socket event that will produce additional materia. These rare event elements are a particular focus, as they offer collectors a chance to influence the next materia to be released.

What can I expect if I socket my materia?

Depending on the event, socketed materia can have significant impact on the System. Forms, materials, structures, colors are all potentially transformed by a socket event.

How many materia will be created?

The System is a long-term development and is expected to scale tremendously over the coming years. Materia will always remain limited, unique virtual files.



LaTurbo Avedon is an avatar and artist, creating work that emphasizes the practice of non-physical identity and authorship. Avedon has spent the past decade developing a body of work that illuminates the ever-growing intensity between users and the virtual, pursuing creative environments that deepen the meaning of immaterial experiences. They curate and design Panther Modern, a file-based exhibition space that encourages artists to create site-specific installations for the Internet.

LaTurbo’s process of character creation continues through gaming, performance and exhibitions. Their work has appeared internationally, including TRANSFER Gallery (New York), The Manchester International Festival UK, Transmediale (Berlin), Haus der elektronischen Künste (Basel), HMVK (Dortmund), Barbican Center (London), Galeries Lafayette (Paris), and The Whitney Museum (New York City).

Materia sends many thanks to Velvetyne for their open source type foundry.

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